When Crazy Ass People Knock On Your Door

The web is a wacky, wonderful place to hang around and carve out your own space. But part of the deal is this: Crazy People.

You know that part of your newsletters where you list your physical address (for Can-Spam compliance) and even the information listed on your whois? Check this out:

Dont Publish Your Physical Address!

It was a Wednesday evening, my daughter’s birthday in fact. We were all having dinner and doing our ‘usual thing’ when I heard an unexpected knock at the back door. And there stood a man who had found me online and wanted to speak to me in person.

Lynn was very gracious and she didn’t knock the guy–but let’s face it. That’s a crazy ass thing for him to do.

I use private whois, but even with that I’m not too thrilled about using my home address.

The thing is this. Once you put your personal info out there on the web, you can never take it back. It will float freely somewhere in cyberspace for all eternity.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I have to move. Everything is cached, or otherwise accessible in one way or another (archives people have stored from their email, you name it). I was planning to move next year anyway, as this was a temporary spot to think and rest after my grandmother passed. Of course, now I’m feeling a major sense of urgency on the matter.

Some ideas to check into: Mailboxes Etc., your local post office, mail forwarding businesses. Registering a business name to use for your online stuff may be a good idea too.

Hat tip to ABestWeb where there’s more good reading.


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