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I’m not afraid of tinfoil hats. Sometimes I go there. Here’s a thought, something to chew on.

I’ve been reading Graywolf’s post Does Google use Whois Information and he’s got some great ideas to vary up your whois data. I don’t want to start some crazy discussion about web mafia tactics, dark gangstah arts and all that jazz.

It made me think about name reputation though. Your name. Do you think that some day (maybe soon, maybe not, maybe already?), Google will be evaluating a domain using the name of the person on the whois?

If John Q. Affiliate is known to Google as a webmaster who creates a good amount of thin, low quality pages, would that put an automatic taint on all websites owned by John Q. Affiliate? Based on Google’s experience with John Q. Affiliate and by its calculations, this guy is a crappy headache to deal with and keep out of the SERPs.

Or if Suzie B. Webmaster is known to Google as pimping out link schemes and intricate link networks, would Google comb over all domains registered in her name–basically putting them under a microscope? Her reputation with Google is established as a master manipulator of its SERPs and it’s just easier to toss her out altogether.

Does Google knock out websites sitting on certain IPs or nameservers based on Google’s experience with them? I can’t say for sure since I haven’t seen it or have it happen to me, but I’ve come across mentions of it happening. If that’s the case, is it a stretch to think your actual name can be a factor?

What if Johnny Wikipedia cranks out one smoking hot quality site after another. Would Google give domains in his name a free pass to the top of the serps, or at least an easier time of it?

Is maybe ‘all this search engine stuff’ building to something where we need to establish and protect our Personal Name Reputation & Authority?

Would that not be the most creepiest thing ever?


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5 thoughts to “Personal Name Reputation & Authority”

  1. I would bet something like that is already happening. And just think about all the information they can retrieve on you. Have you purchased from a merchant using their checkout? So could they use that information, your purchases over a large number of merchants?

    The one question I had was what if you use some of the privacy options when you register a domain?

  2. Interestingly the use of name and information brings up a good point… CAN YOU COPYRIGHT YOUR NAME AND ANY INFO ABOUT YOU? If possible then that may be the way to block and personal access???

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