Yahoo Update–My First Boot

So yeah. One site of mine got booted, and booted HARD by Yahoo’s latest update last week. The site enjoyed some nice top 10 keyword phrase rankings so the traffic loss is going to hurt my wallet by several hundred dollars per month. Remember I’m a small fry. So the loss is Not. Nice.

Part of the problem with this Yahoo! update is that I don’t have a bloody clue what to fix.

  • The inbound links are of the same type and quality that my other sites inbounds are–yet they’re not crushed like this one
  • Did I build links too fast?
  • Did I trip some kind of filter?
  • Do I build more links? Is that it?
  • Is my onpage too keyword rich? Too SEO’d? Not enough?
  • Should I just leave things alone and hope it floats back to the top?

I’m in over my head on this one.

After flopping around crying, twitching and sobbing for several days (not really), I accepted that this is just the kick in the pants I needed to get moving on serious traffic generation methods that do not rely on search engines (both ppc and organic).

The search engines lurve ebay (both dead and live store pages). They like russian scraper spam sites. They like myspace and craigslist and wikipedia. And Yahoo! Answers. And tricky subdomain stuff.

My affiliate sites are none of those things and never will be those things. They’re just simple little niche sites that are designed and made in a way for shoppers to find what they want quickly and with no fuss. Shoppers love my sites. Search engines don’t.

Same old swan song on this here blog I know. But traffic generation outside search engines is really an important thing I have to master if I want to survive and have a healthy income online.


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  1. And when you figure it out, let us know what you are doing to consistently build traffic that’s not search engine dependent, especially if it’s creative! I mean article writing is far better than sitting around trying to build links but you have to be sure that those articles get seen. So anything that GETS SEEN by the CORE group you want to sell to is important.

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