208.66.195.x – Check Your Traffic Logs

This thing is a BEAST and gobbling up bandwidth like you wouldn’t believe. More info:


Research on ARIN reveals that this web bot is owned by a company called Digital Infinity Ltd located in Moscow, Russia. The mailing address is listed as: Ostrovityanova str, 14, 200, Moscow, Russia.

IP number ranges from to

A friend’s bandwidth was chewed up in two weeks, my directories are being eaten alive and it’s sniffing around SuperAff. How to see if you’re on its lunch menu?

Simplest Method:

Click Hosts
View the IPs

One directory of mine has a half gig of bandwidth chewed up just by this bot in the first two weeks of August.

Block that bad boy in .htaccess:

<Limit GET POST>
order allow,deny
allow from all
deny from

Thanks to DonSausa.com for the info.


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