Create Your Own Business System

I scooped another book off my To Read pile:

Go It Alone
The secret to building a successful business on your own
Author: Bruce Judson

The book pretty much deals with a one-man-show business and how it’s possible to build a lucrative business using automation (software, online services) and outsourcing. It’s fully applicable to both online and offline businesses.

The biggest takeaways I got from the book are:

  • What key activities are most important for me to do so I increase and build my online income?
  • What activities are time suckers? Can they be automated somehow or outsourced?
  • My online business system is too complicated. How can I streamline it all and simplify it?
  • Think: Leverage and Scalability

Scariest concept for me:

Follow The 60% Rule

The 60% Rule holds that the best solution is to automate everything except the core focus of your business, using inexpensive plug-and-play services, even when these services only provide 60% of the functionality you want.

I do a lot of manual work online. A lot. Because I haven’t yet found perfect solutions. Two examples of what I’m talking about:

Datafeeds: I can’t figure out how to clean up titles and descriptions quickly and easily. Some merchants have Titles in all caps, some don’t. Some merchants have product descriptions that are filled with measurements and gobblygook in the first 200 characters. Some merchants have pic sizes medium, some merchants are large and some small. How to standardize everything nicely, neatly, and quickly so it all displays uniformly on my websites? Haven’t figured that out and not wanting to compromise that quality–I spend a lot of time tweaking manually.

Auto Content: Build some content using reprint articles and other free content sources. How to do that automatically without pulling in content that links to bad neighborhoods? The article marketing arena is filled with articles pointing to scraped content domains, black hat grodies, junk domains, etc. How can I bypass all that without manually checking links? I’m not in the mood to burn any of my domains by linking to bad neighborhoods.

I have good/great reasons for insisting on certain standards. However, does my manual setup justify the time involved? Keeping in mind all those hours of manual work eat up large chunks of time away from what’s really generating the cash: targeted marketing.

One of my goals for online income is to generate a hands free stream of income. Right now I can walk away for weeks at a time, and the income still flows in. However, nothing’s growing or building itself while I step away either. All building and generating stops until I log back on. Can I change that?

I don’t want to create just another ‘job’ for myself. What am I doing? And how could I do it better?

The book sheds light on traps we can put ourselves in as well as hammers home the importance of focus and simplicity. Right up my alley ;).

I scooped up the book for a few bucks over at (not an aff link), but you can also read it online at

Don’t have time to read the book? Print and Pin:


Is it really possible to magnify a skill into a substantial, thriving business? Yes. This chapter tells you how, following these principles:

  • Leverage your core competence through relentless repeatability.
  • Identify the important metrics.
  • Make time work for you—instead of against you.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of scale.
  • Follow the 60% Rule.
  • Build for flexibility.
  • Make your own luck.

I wonder how blogging fits into all this :lol:.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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  1. I’m a software developer and have helped quite a few of my clients completely automate their business. They never realize how much it is going to help them until they start using it. It truly does pay for itself in a heartbeat.

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