Taking A Breather From Online Work

Hey did anyone notice I was MIA for a few weeks! I lost complete interest in my affiliate marketing efforts for the month of July. Didn’t do a darn thing. Hardly blogged. Did a teeny bit of maintenance work, but other than that…nada.

But here’s what I found out. I’m on the right track with the work that I’ve done so far. At least for the most part. I can withdraw from online work, from my websites, read a book or two, catch my breath, fool around, watch some movies, and it’s all good.

The cheques still roll in.

In fact last month (July) was my record breaking month. And I didn’t do a darn thing in July to make that happen.

I guess ultimately that’s been my goal since day 1. Not create a system that I was enslaved to (read: another job), but something that will provide freedom when I want it or need it to.

I don’t worry about ppc ads and budgets. Or spamming blogs or cloaking pages. I don’t worry about rogue bots attacking my adsense pages. Cause I don’t have any. None of that jazz. Just simple affiliate sites and pages with simple link building methods that I can walk away from and still survive financially a month later.

Not sure how much I will be blogging this month, but I do know I need to get back to work with marketing my sites, building links and building pages.

Christmas is coming you know ;).

I hope you are enjoying your summer too :).


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  1. glad to see you’re able to take some time off. That is, after all, every aff marketer’s end goal.

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