Internet Marketers Abusing Their Lists

I can think of three, maybe four Internet Marketers that truly provide a worthwhile newsletter. Yes some product recommendations, but nothing crazy. By crazy I mean constant bombardment of every new product that comes out, or daily/weekly spam, errr, product promos.

I can live with a few pitches within a weekly/monthly newsletter. It’s the price I pay for receiving their tips and information–and the info they provide is almost always worthwhile taking the time to read.

But what about the rest? The dozens of gurus who really don’t provide you with jack. You are blessed with the privilege of receiving their incessant sales pitches. And supposedly always for good reason…to help you. Groovy.

Are you buying into hype? What’s so hard about hitting the unsubscribe button? Is it that we’re afraid we’ll miss out on something?

Are you trying to buy into all the hype of how great and knowledgeable they are and desperately hoping somehow some of that will rub off?

I mean…everyone says they’re so great, that they are the masters of the game and walk on water. It must be true. We need to gobble down everything they say and promote. Right?

Pick a small, teeny handful of newsletters that you truly find offer you value. They are sincere and the info they share with you does indeed help you to grow in knowledge and in earnings. Not vague, useless fluffery that doesn’t really amount to much, but the real deal. And then support these guys.

For the rest–try unsubscribing for a month or two. See what happens. Do your earnings dive? Do you get the shakes? Does your entire web empire collapse? You can always join the newsletter again if you really feel the need. But I’ll bet more times than not that you’ll never look back ;).

F-F-Freedom, massive amounts of time saved and gee, your inbox never looked so good! And guess what. You’ll be more productive, getting things done and giving yourself time to absorb and focus on what the real Pros are sharing with you.


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3 thoughts to “Internet Marketers Abusing Their Lists”

  1. I agree! I’m sick of them too. There must be a target market out there that is gullible and thrives on this. Like you said we can unsubscribe. I keep on just to see what new tactics they come up with. I’m amazed like you said of how many people don’t provide any real value or substance. That’s why when I find someone who does, I’m really complimentary. It’s sad and how can it be sustainable? It makes our industry look bad.


  2. I too agree. I signed up for some of these newsletters to see if I could “get into their heads” and see how they’ve become so popular and profitable. All I got back was the same emails – from various “gurus” and they all say the same thing.

    No gems of information. Just “buy this product now” that I’m promoting – I HATE that.

    Maybe there’s a market out there for quality affiliate marketing info…. a niche to be filled! đŸ™‚

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