Thank You For Being A Friend ala Golden Girls

Thank you for being a friend What started out as thanking other bloggers and websites for sending a link SuperAff’s way, has progressed to something I look forward to getting a little creative and having a little fun with.

A big thank you to everyone who has linked here, including these bloggers who linked to SuperAff in a blog post last month:

Not only did Monetize at include a link to SuperAff during his most traffic pounding moments, he also got the word out about the pdf file for Google’s pizza sauce recipe spam I uploaded on SuperAff. You don’t see that happen too often in our corner of the blogosphere, especially from someone you’ve never spoken to (at least AFAIK). A very Generous fellow indeed :). Thank you!

V7N Search Marketing News Blog was nice enough to send some link love, no one can resist pizza sauce recipe spam, yum yum!

5 Star Affiliate Marketing Blog was kind to me again, another generous blogger.

Also a hearty thank you to MarketingSherpa for including SuperAff in the Affiliate Marketing category of its 2006 Readers Choice Awards. The thrill really is from being included :).

Forum Goodness:

Thanks to Digital Point Forums users for the mention!

More thanks to the following bloggers:
Building My Empire
Roy of Superior Art Creations

The personal entertainment I enjoyed last month was watching the download stats for the Google’s Pizza Sauce Recipe Scandal. Last month there were over 1,200 downloads of the pdf and this month it’s already a couple hundred.

Question: Any advice on how I should work the pizza sauce recipe SERPs traffic that’s trickling in now? 😆

Please check the above blogs and sites out if you haven’t already–plenty of great stuff!


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