Investors, Blogging & A Tinfoil Hat

Theoretical Situation:

  • Johnny Blogger has $100,000 invested in Google Stock
  • He has a very popular blog, well respected and enjoys a wide readership in the tens of thousands
  • He frequently hypes Google and its products


Do you expect bloggers to clearly announce their financial interests in companies they are blogging about?

The highly touted Bloggers Creed of Transparency:

The ethic of transparency: We believe that our public deserves to know about us and our perspective to better judge what we say.

Is that valued in today’s blogosphere? Is it something to insist on?

I’ve been wondering about this since there were questions that Digg was being used to manipulate stock and how easy it would be for investors of any public company to set the blogosphere on fire, and keep it on fire, about their golden ticket if they wanted to.

The mainstream media that so many bloggers love to trash, mock, taunt and hate–is quite transparent when it comes to affiliated financial interests/conflicts like this.

Do you expect that same transparency from your favorite bloggers?

More Reading:

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Propaganda is a specific type of message presentation directly aimed at influencing the opinions of people, rather than impartially providing information.


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One thought to “Investors, Blogging & A Tinfoil Hat”

  1. The required transparency of the blogosphere will make it hard for someone to publish regularly one-sided news about a company. People will look into your motives and eventually find out and you will be discredited.

    You better have sold your stocks by then.

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