Choosing Bloggers To Approach For Buzz Marketing

You realize that bloggers can kick start the buzz about your company or product into high gear. You recognize the importance of offering a good WIIFM to those bloggers.

But which bloggers do you approach? You realize not all bloggers are equal. Some ideas, but certainly not an exhaustive list…

First decide what your target market is, which readers do you want to be introduced to your product? You want a readership targeted to your product so compile a list of blogs that fit.

Since I’m probably one of the most jaded online readers you’ll find, I’ll tell you who I don’t listen to in the online world. I think no matter who the reader is, these apply to everyone on some level.

The blogger promotes every new product that comes out or a good portion of their blog posts are about products to buy

Fair or not–their message registers at a flat zero to me.

The blogger promoted a big scheme or crap product that fell flat, and pushed it hard even after the fall

Message to me: They can be bought at my expense.

They promote products, sell sell sell all the day long, but have yet to point to well known free or less costly tools and resources that are also helpful

They’re not interested in helping me, like they present it, they’re interested in their pocket books. Again at my expense.

Are they Slim Shady, blogging about & promoting shady things?

No explanation necessary.

Bloggers who aren’t selective in what they promote can tune out their readers. And in some cases, may even attach a ‘smell’ factor to your product. It’s like flashing banner ads or popups–annoying and you ignore them or block them–but you may still visit that site.

Sometimes a blogger can make a poor choice in promoting something, but if it’s consistent it does send a bad message.

Good Traffic Stats

This is a tricky one. You can check out the blog’s traffic levels at However, you can’t trust the number shown. Where is that traffic coming from? Manual traffic exchanges? Hidden Iframes on autosurfs or popups? Incentivized advertising?

Or is there a forum or directory attached to the domain where the eyeballs really are? If there’s more than a blog on that domain–ask for the traffic breakdown of the domain between the blog and the forum/directory, not just the overall traffic stats. You may find most or a good chunk of the traffic is not on the blog.

Check out the subscriptions for that blog at Watch the counts on each feed since many blogs offer more than one feed choice: example for SuperAff. Compare the subscription counts to other blogs in that niche.

Do a search on Technorati for the domain, see what the link numbers are comparable to others in its niche and check out the Technorati rank, example: SuperAff on Technorati.

Get a feel for the bloggers you are thinking about approaching. Dig through some old posts. See what else they’ve promoted. Is that blogger’s relationship to his/her readers preferable to another? Watch the tone of the conversations. Would that blogger’s readers be open to a product introduction or promo from that blogger?

Traffic is an important factor when considering which bloggers to approach, but it’s not the whole story. You also want to work with bloggers that have established some level of trust and respect with their readers.


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