Approaching A Blogger To Introduce Your Product

I receive many notes through the contact form here on SuperAff asking me to introduce their product, their service, their blog, their podcast, their affiliate program, their ebook, yada yada yada and yada again.

Do I mind? Not at all – I encourage it and anyone’s free to contact me for whatever reason. I’m terrible at responding in a timely fashion, but I’m trying.

Did you notice though what stands out in the paragraph above? Their. Can you do this for me. My product. Promote me.

There’s no: You. No Us. Just Them.

What’s so surprising to me about this is that these are Marketers that aren’t addressing the fundamental: WIIFM factor (What’s In It For Me). And if the odd one does, it’s not a genuine WIIFM at all like a trackback link or a link on one of their deeply buried links pages. hmmm.

Give The Blogger A Worthwhile WIIFM

Good Afternoon Terry,

We’re launching a new software product ABC that we believe is very useful for webmasters. Would you mind trying it out, you can download your free copy here: [insert link]. Please let us know what you think.

We believe your readers would find our software very useful and make their webmaster lives much more productive and profitable.

If you decide to introduce our product on SuperAff, we’d like to offer coupon code: SuperAff093 for your readers to use and receive 10% off their order.

Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me at [email address] if you have any questions.


New Webmaster Product Company

Amazingly, I receive these kinds of requests regularly:

Hi Terry,

I’ve just launched PretendTitleEbookReport and I think your blog readers would really learn a lot from it.

Would you mind blogging about it? I do offer a 50% affiliate commission through Clickbank so you’d earn money from the sales.


A couple problems with this one.

First of all, I don’t do a whole lot of affiliate marketing on this here affiliate marketing blog. Shocker I know, but I don’t. I leave that for the other bloggers and guru marketers. So the incentive of an affiliate program doesn’t interest me.

Second, I’d have to purchase the product to write a decent review about it. Or at least an honest review. How many bloggers are going to run out and buy your product so they can blog about it?

How could the approach have been better?

Hi Terry,

I’ve just launched PretendTitleEbookReport and I think your blog readers would really learn a lot from it and appreciate knowing about it.

Would you mind reading it? Here’s the download link for your free copy: [link here]. Please let me know what you think.

Also if you publish a review on SuperAff, I’ll include a clickable link to SuperAff with your testimonial on my testimonials page found here: [link here]

Thanks and I’d love your feedback!

What did it cost SuperGuru to approach a blogger in that manner?

Nothing. You could approach several dozen bloggers, give away a product, create a tonne of buzz, and fill your testimonial page all at the same time. All for the cost of download bandwidth or if it’s a physical product–s&h and product creation costs. Cheap buzz for sure.

Blogger is happy. You’re happy. People are talking about you. I truly am stumped that marketers aren’t chasing down this avenue and instead are actually approaching bloggers to do product and site promos for them with no genuine WIIFM. Stumped beyond belief.

How do you get a blogger’s attention? Get taken seriously? Stand above the crowd?

Simple–Offer something that’s mutually beneficial. That could be an ad buy for a post, free product, a reciprocal blog post, a legitimate return link on a trafficked page…plenty of ways. Get creative.

ETA: This post was written last week and since then paid to post has appeared, and IMO that could be a great option too.

And: I still haven’t been approached with a wad of cash to post the above. In other words: The opinions above are truly that: my opinions. No money strings attached in any way. Just in case anyone was wondering :P.


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3 thoughts to “Approaching A Blogger To Introduce Your Product”

  1. I’ll remember this when I ask you to review my latest snakeoil cure for everything. LOL.
    Seriously, great post – when will so-called marketers learn?

  2. I had one of those requests recently too. Honestly it was the first one I got – unfortunately it smelled like those “I’m in Africa and have 5 billion dollars for you” email spam deals. Whether or not the person was heartfelt – they need to redo their intro email, to sound more real rather than scammy.

    Also I want to keep what integrity I have with my site – in tact. Flogging someone’s crazy idea – isn’t really my cup of tea… unless it’s super crazy!!! ;P

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys :).

    I wanted to clarify a bit:

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to hope that bloggers you have contact with on some level do ‘favors’ for each other or try to encourage each other with no strings attached. That’s what people do naturally.

    I was talking about approaching bloggers out of the blue that you’ve had no relationship with.

    Also I think a blogger does need to be careful and make sure they’re being transparent. Whether it’s slipping in an affiliate link or receiving $ for posting, I personally like to see it noted and think a blogger serves herself well in the long run by doing that.

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