Adsense Earnings Dropping?

I’ve been noticing blog and forum posts talking about their adsense earnings dropping. Sometimes the clicks are still coming in at a good pace but the price earned per click has dropped considerably.

I’ve talked about this here before but I think the noise is rising about income per click dropping, so I’ll mention it again.

Do you think that adsense earnings per click will rise, level off or decrease over time? Is adsense really something to invest all your webmaster portfolio into?

A few things to consider:

  • As the inventory grows–more and more web pages created to hold the ads–the demand for space decreases and the ads/money are spread around more easily.
  • As more and more spam, auto generated content and scraped pages are created, the value to the advertiser decreases (they aren’t seeing a healthy return on their ad spends–or don’t perceive the spends to be worthwhile).
  • Tricked out ad placement–you know: everything above the fold is adsense with a bunch of graphics pointing to and surrounding the adsense blocks. How much value is an advertiser getting from that clicking visitor when that visitor just clicked to get the heck off the fugly mfa site?
  • As more click fraud occurs and as the awareness to the issue rises, more advertisers leave the content network.

I realize that it’s easier to earn money by scraping and auto generating content to earn adsense, and maybe more profitable in the current moment to be tricky about ad display and placement, and I really don’t judge people who do that, but what value does a site like that offer to advertisers?

I see plenty of products out there that show you how to get the most clicks on your ads, how to find the highest paying niches and how to earn the most off adsense. And all that jazz. It’s all good I’m sure.

But something almost everybody forgets or doesn’t pay attention to or talks about is: The adwords advertiser and what value these guys are getting by paying to have their ads displayed on your pages.

Ultimately it’s the adwords advertisers who are funding the game. If they aren’t made happy, the game stops. And too too many adsense publishers are burning the advertisers while pocketing some cash. That affects everybody in the end.

I see the adsense game becoming one big circle jerk. The money earned decreases, so you build more pages to maintain your income level. Money decreases, build more. Money decreases, build more until it’s all one continuous flow and you see webmasters at their keyboards 16 hrs a day trying to maintain that ‘easy money’.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it :lol:.

But as the saying goes: Good Luck With That.

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