Time Management Tweaks

Here are a few things I’ve implemented for myself to try keeping things organized, save myself time as well as better utilize my time online:


I enjoy blogging but I find it can eat a big chunk of my time each day. I don’t normally write just a paragraph or two and the time spent can get carried away. For real! So here’s the change that I made for myself:

When I’m in the mood and inspired to write, sit down and crank out a few posts at a time. Many times I have a full week’s worth of blog posts prewritten and time stamped for the future. This post was written last Wednesday.

Why does this help? I’m not sitting at my computer each morning wondering what to blog about. Or fussing with a blog post each day–normally my problem is trying to cut back the length of the posts ;).

Instead of blogging each day, and then getting refocused on the tasks at hand, I’m ripping through work.

I write a mile a minute when I’m ‘in the mood’ and then forget about writing blog posts for a few days. Really seems to help.

Reading Blog & Forum Posts

I can’t think of anything that I need to know right now, as it happens. So why stalk and hover over my blog feed reader like my business depends on it? I seriously cut back on checking out feeds.

Also there are plenty of good forum and blog posts that need some time to really think through and follow. I created a ‘reading file’ folder in my browser bookmarks. When I come across something I want to keep track of and read later when I can afford the time to absorb what’s being said, I store it in that bookmark folder. Then I jump to that folder and catch up when I’ve set aside some downtime. This way I’m not carving out an hour or a chunk of time when I should really be getting ‘work done’.

We can’t physically or emotionally be working 100% of the time. So during my downtime, I dig into that bookmark folder.

eBooks, Files, Reports, Scripts

Plenty of times I’ll come across a free ebook or report or pdf or white paper that I’m interested in reading. Or a new script or software I came across that looks interesting. Instead of downloading everything willy nilly to my desktop just so I feel cluttered and messy, I now download everything to a folder “Files To Look Through”.

Same principle above applies here. When I have some downtime, I work my way through the folder and then either trash or refile if I’m keeping it.

This way my desktop still stays in control, I know where all the new files are if I want to look at something and I’m not interrupting ‘work time’.

Stats Stalking

This one is silly. But find out if your merchant or network stats are updated real time, hourly or daily. And then quit logging in and out of your accounts obsessively if they don’t update in real time. Sheesh. I don’t want to talk about it :lol:.

Hope these tips twig an idea or two for yourself, enjoy your day!


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