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Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is poverty, Africa, homeless people, abandoned children, street kids. Plenty of overwhelming things. Maybe it’s all the media focus lately on Angelina Jolie (gotta admit–love her or hate her–she does raise awareness to issues).

Just wondering if anyone is doing or has thought about creating a site or two (or a dozen :lol:) that is monetized, promoted and worked hard on–with the income earned every month sent to a charity of your choosing?

Does someone have experience with this and any advice to give?

Some of my questions are:

  • Do you broadcast the fact that all site earnings go to charity, or is it better (and less hassle) to just keep it to yourself
  • Do you setup a separate affiliate account specifically for these charitable earnings, or do you just do the math & cut the cheque on your end
  • Has anyone had the merchant send payments directly to the charity and is that even an option

I realize Squidoo has a great feature to donate all earnings from your lens to go to charity.

An Idea I’d Like To See Happen

I don’t have the abilities or resources to set this up properly, so I’m just going to throw this out there and hope someone who can do it successfully will run with it:

As net marketers and webmasters, we buy a tonne of stuff. We buy ebooks and reports and scripts and graphics and templates and yada yada.

I think it would be a great idea for a well known and respected company or online marketer(s) to setup a website with the sole purpose of generating cash for charities.

An open call goes out for reports, ebooks, web dev tools, seo papers, whatever, to be donated to the site.

The author/product donor is given credit, a link and some promotional space in return for creating and donating the product.

Once a month a product is selected to be offered for sale at a reasonable price (say $25).

The proceeds of all product sales goes to a choice of 3 charities or divvied up between all 3 (rotated monthly) that the buyer selects.

The products offered aren’t crap, outdated or the-ever-typical internet marketer hype. Quality and true usefulness is a goal that is maintained to assure repeat (and hopefully monthly) buyers.

Anyone up for that? Anything currently out there like this? Good idea or ridiculous? I’d like to hear about it.


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3 thoughts to “Net Marketing For Charity”

  1. There is a site out there (set-up about 4 years ago) that sells products via affiliate links and donates 50% of their commission to a charity of the buyers choice – can’t think of the name just now but it received a lot of publicity/support when it launched.

  2. Hi Glen, yes that’s pretty much what I’m talking about. Setting up a website where all commissions go to a charity.

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