What Our Teenagers Can Teach Us

A little Friday fun:

My son turned 16 years old earlier this year and that means: driving, never home, social life takes over, school is a means to network socially–not learn. And he now has his first real girlfriend. He’s blossoming socially. That’s an interesting thing for a mother to deal with.

Here’s an inside peek to some of our recent convos that reaffirmed a lesson or two for me:

Me: Son, one of the things we’re going to work on this summer is for you to learn how to do your own laundry including sort and fold. Be more independent. Not reliant on me or your dad to make sure your clothes are clean.

Son: The thing I need to work on this summer is my TAN.

Lesson: we all want things like clean clothes, cash in our pockets, bills paid, house clean. But if we don’t do what it takes to make that happen–it just doesn’t happen.

Another convo:

Me: Son it’s your finals this week. You have to study! If you’re not on the honor roll again this year, I’m unplugging your msn at the start of school in the fall.

Son: Mom, I’m passing. I have better marks than most of my friends. I’m happy with my marks. They’re good enough.

Lesson: If you don’t want something bad enough for yourself, it aint gonna happen. Even if your mom’s head explodes with frustration. If you settle for good enough–that’s just what you’ll get.

Another convo:

Son: Mom check out my six pack

Me: OMG–you’ve beat your genetic code

Lesson: If you really want something for yourself, you make it happen. Even if that means working out three times a week for two hours a day and some kind of funky situp excercise stomach crunch thing every night.

Final convo I’d like to share:

Me: I’d like you to hang out at home a bit more. You know. I’d like to actually see you.

Son: Mom, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Lesson Learned: Our kiddos grow up too fast. Hold them and hug them tight while you can.

Sidenote: My son doesn’t read this blog 😛

Have a great weekend!


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