Figuring Out Linkshare Payments

Well this is something I never bothered with before because my payments ranged from a buck to $50, so hey why bother :lol:.

But this month I ripped open my Linkshare cheque and was S-T-U-M-P-E-D.

Why so little? My sales have increased the past few months and I expected something along the lines of a nice jump.

I logged into Linkshare and was stumped again.

There’s nothing on the cheque stub showing which merchant paid for what month’s commissions.

There’s nothing in the report area to pull up the data that shows who paid what when.

Scratched my head and then hopped over to the ABW Linkshare Forum and found this thread from last year: Any idea what month LS is paying for? with this explanation:

To see which merchants and what periods are included in a check, go to Synergy Analytics > Network Transaction Analysis > Affiliate Payment Summary, then click the month and the specific check number. This will give you a report showing which merchants, periods, and amounts are included in that check.

After some hopping back and forth between the Linkshare report area and the SynergyAnalytics area, I now have a spreadsheet tracking this year’s who’s paid what when and who still owes me how much and for how long.

It didn’t take me all that long to setup, from now on it will be a snap to track on my end!

I see that I’m paid up til the end of April with one merchant owing me less than $10 for that period.

I guess Linkshare’s right on track with my payments after all.

But the next one is gonna be big money big money big money! đŸ˜› (j/k)


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