Gotta Digg It – Spam Gold In Google

The Google crew is gonna walk into work and face one big headache on Monday morning…Crazy stuff, crazeeee!

The thread that started it all: New SPAM sites…billions of results!!!!

OK, how do these sites do this?? They were registered just a few weeks ago and got millions or billions of results…of fresh SPAM.

Yes you read that right – *billions* – of mfa spam served up in Google’s serps from a domain that is weeks old. Traffic? The Alexa stats are showing a lot of eyeballs.

That DP thread resulted in this blog post: Step-by-Step: How to Get BILLIONS of Pages Indexed by Google

Which is whirrring through the net at warp speed:



Lots of talk and chatter on blogs and boards, some whispers that webmasterworld wiped clean all mention of this on its forum. A few notable SEO blogs are sitting quiet about it atm but they’ll have to blog about it at some point, it’s that big.

Plenty of people hooting and hollering about the adsense on the pages and that Google should delete that adsense account. I don’t think adsense is the problem. I think the algo is the problem.

If Google wipes out the adsense account, it just gets replaced with YPN. Goog might as well just cut a cheque and send it off to Yahoo!. If YPN cans it, the guy just pulls in some 2nd or 3rd tier ppc feeds. Or popups or banner imps or or or…

If Google, Yahoo and MSN handjob the domain, more pop up in its place. The domain isn’t the goldmine in and of itself, it’s the knowledge that was used to spam beat Goog over the head. Any domain will do from now until the algo is changed ;).

Priceless quote from the DP thread:

I’m so glad that some of our sites with “low quality inbound links” have been de-indexed to make room for these fountains of information.

What’s the buzz in the war room now? Free scripts and scrapers and hacks and workarounds are being developed and worked through that will be available for the masses. Everybody wants a piece of this pie.

Yup. Adsense isn’t the problem, that algo needs to be de-tweaked and fast!


“Pizza sauce recipe” shows up a few times in the top 30 results in google, and then a few spam domains completely take over (see pdf):

Google spam: Pizza sauce recipe

Also see

Pizza dough recipe spam

Now that’s seriously borking goog!


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3 thoughts to “Gotta Digg It – Spam Gold In Google”

  1. I have a few comments:
    1. While it is a big number but its not a reliable number. The number is just an estimate and you can not verify the amount indexed since you can only see the first 1000 pages in the index.

    2. Removing someones adsense account because google decided to index several billion pages of said persons site is like spanking your child for eating sweets that you gave him.

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  3. Hi Jeff, normally I remove links in the comment area (even if they’re not live), but I’ll leave it since someone reading may be interested in participating. It’s definitely a different twist on things.

    I don’t think you’ll have too much interest from affiliate marketers though, we tend to prefer driving traffic to things we’ll make a commission on rather than a hopeful chance prize in a contest ;).

    Good luck though :).

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