Have You Looked At Linkshare Lately?

Eons ago I swore off Linkshare as one of the most craptastic networks on the planet.


No matter what I did or what I sent to its merchants…only dribbles came back. If that. It was more like random drips. It was a clown with big funny shoes.

Then they sold and made a few changes. I’m not kidding when I say this:

Those changes were like someone poured liquid draino down the pipes. BAM! Sales started flowing in.

I only had *very very minimal* Linkshare merchant exposure at that time and I couldn’t believe the difference. Sure I’m still talking about small numbers, but somehow Linkshare turned on a dime. Same sites. Same traffic sources. Same merchants. Same placement. Night and Day results overnight.

The past couple months I took a harder look at Linkshare and decided to expand a bit with them. Still quite limited, but somebody kissed me because I’m now making triple digits in commissions with them. With only a handful of merchants. That works for me ::grin::.

I don’t know my way around Linkshare that well, but I’m going to try working more with individual product displays and grow my merchant base some more and add them to more sites. Right now I basically just have a few banners and the odd text link up.

If you wrote off Linkshare awhile back because you were experiencing poor results–consider giving them another try. You may be pleasantly surprised like I have been.


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3 thoughts to “Have You Looked At Linkshare Lately?”

  1. I don’t mind LinkShare at all. Since they sold the company – things are smooth. What didn’t really impress me (because I’m all about free stuff :P) is that you have to pay for the datafeeds. Booooo! But I understand they need to keep afloat too – but when you’re just starting out, and don’t have the cash to splash out. It makes for a very long process to encorporate the products into a site.

    But other than that one issue I have, I’ve not had any bad karma from them. 🙂

  2. Glad it’s working for you because I’ve pretty much walked away from both Linkshare and CJ because of the service to affiliates (lol – okay how they treated me) from difficulty logging in or links that don’t work.

    I had visitors complaining to me that the links were bad and I tested some and yep ~ didn’t work for me either in any browser then to actually connect with a manager drove me nuts. I work more with Kolimbo, NetTraction, Performics and Shareasale plus independent programs.

    I know that Linkshare has great merchants same with CJ but getting to be on top of my “game” made me way too stressed out.

    Great on boosting those commissions! 🙂

  3. I had visitors complaining to me that the links were bad and I tested some and yep ~ didn’t work for me either in any browser then to actually connect with a manager drove me nuts.

    I caught problems with a good portion of CJ links not working in IE either last month or the month before. Not sure if it was a browser or computer setting on my end, but I was severely ticked and found that creating new ones solved the problem. The links would open to a blank page with the CJ tracking url in the address bar. I was using encrypted links.

    Unfortunately, I panicked and cleaned everything up immediately (a big all-nighter) without documenting anything or saving any of the funky links so I couldn’t pursue or figure out what the problem was. They were just cut & paste, hand built links from CJ, nothing that was altered in any way through htaccess or cloaking.

    It’s too bad I handled it that way because a) CJ can’t tell me what’s wrong if I don’t show them and b) I’m not confident now in the links and am constantly checking them.

    Doesn’t help my paranoia when my sales with CJ are very-scary-low lately.

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