Blackhat Blackmail & Blabbers

I can’t help it, I’m just totally laffin my butt off!

It all started earlier this week when blabbed about a post over at boogybonbon’s blog explaining how to build links nefariously with a moveabletype exploit.

Well the turkeys started gobbling out of frustration that their money trees were gonna be stripped. Quadszilla basically stated: Put up or shut up…

If you want to keep something under raps or develop an exploit out of the public spotlight:

1. Show it to me before I’ve published it and

2. Tell me to keep it quiet.

Well boogybonbon says: hey guys! tell me too or stfu

As he noted before if you don’t bring it to our attention and you don’t ask people to not tell other people about it well then your shit out of luck!

Now boogybonbon is just getting warmed up with his latest nifty myspace spam exploit and I just know this is gonna send the turkeys a-gobbling again! 😆

When I first started in the biz I thought blackhat seo people were hackers and crackers that would melt your computer down to a puddle and were very very dangerous and bad and scary people to avoid. Think: Mafia or the Russian Mob.

Now I perceive most, if not all, of the big boys we follow in SEO, and maybe some heavy hitting net marketers thrown in too, are riddled with tools and tricks of darkness and a very shady past. Nope, those hands won’t wash clean. And I kinda like most of them. They’re not so scary.

And what are they doing that’s so bad? Tricking out a freakin search engine. No babies are eaten. No human sacrifices are made. It’s all just programming crap. A bunch of computer code. Tricking some search engine algo to do what they want it to do. That black hat, evil legend drama is all just about search engine tricks :roll:.

Am I a blackhat? Hardly. I don’t have the tech knowledge/ability plus I’m not willing to spam anyone’s web property (blogs, etc.). I think that stinks. And my google stats prove it: I probably have a monthly total of 25 hits from google for all my aff sites combined! 😆

But I am all about the Blab Factor.


Go BoogyBonBon!


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