Article Marketing Magical Math

I find building targeted traffic to be the most trickiest thing to accomplish online. Especially if it’s a thin affiliate site.

Forget about link building in terms of SEO for a moment. Forget about search engines and manipulation tricks and all that jazz and look at article marketing in terms of building exposure for your websites.

You can use articles to write about various topics that apply to your ‘thin affiliate’ websites. Keep the article content hyper-targeted to what your websites offer.

Webmasters upload them, their visitors read them and some click through to your site. I think those visitors can definitely be considered prime traffic. They were interested enough to read what you had to say and then decided to visit your site to check it out.

If you do some math, you’ll see that article marketing really can be beneficial. Again–I’m not talking at all about link building for seo purposes.

Say you write a few articles, circulate them and over time you have 1,000 articles published online. I don’t mean 1,000 unique articles–I mean 1,000 websites took an article or two of yours and uploaded them. That takes some work, some head down and nose to the grind work to get that amount of articles published on a bunch of sites, but it’s doable.

Out of those 1,000 article pages uploaded, say each send 10 unique visitors a month to your website. Some will send less, some will send more. We’ll say 10 is the average.

1,000 x 10 unique visitors = 10,000 visitors a month.

That traffic has nothing to do with SEO.

Nothing to do with search engine traffic.

Nothing to do with paid advertising.

What could your thin affiliate site do with 10,000 unique visitors a month?

Cha-Ching đŸ™‚

Note: And yes, you’ll find your articles are also selected to be mailed out to ezine lists. Bonus!

Here’s a list of article submission sites.

Hard Part: Coming up with enough ideas to write about the joys, tips, benefits and how to’s of Purple Widgets.


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3 thoughts to “Article Marketing Magical Math”

  1. Thank you for explaining it clearly, and giving away that valuable link. I already submitted one article to, but I will definately check out your links as well.

  2. This IS a great way to build free traffic and even a bit of PageRank – but just like getting any attention online, it’s tough to write an article that gets so much attention. I’ve found there’s two problems with committing a lot of time to free articles:

    1) Sites that use free articles tend to post a LOT of free articles and don’t have a lot of traffic to send to you. This is probably because they’re part of click fraud schemes and using the articles to “cloak” themselves.

    2) It’s easy to blow time or PageRank that should be devoted to your own sites. Writing those articles takes away from time to write enough content to keep my own sites updated (and daily-reader traffic coming in). If the articles are either closely based-on or copies of content from my own sites then Google sees it as “copied content” and sometimes drops ALL of it from their search rankings.

    Despite those negatives, it’s always good to spend a small amount of effort trying this or any link-building method. With the right topic or linking site it could work out much better than the average results, and all with very little effort.


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