May’s Progress Report

First off: It Stuck. So far ;).

I have mixed feeling about last month’s performance for affiliate commissions. Did I smash, beat, whip all previous monthly records? Yes! By $97. Here’s my story and why I’m not all-that ecstatic (don’t get me wrong though, I’m loving the increases!):

I experienced one of my routine CJ constipated months. Going days without sales–even a new merchant that was rocking the house with conversions went *MUTE*, choked, died, for days!

Although I thought I finally had this site perfectly tuned for maximum conversions, I had to switch things out again and move CJ stuff around and replace with other merchants/networks into the prime areas on my website. They picked up the pace at a good clip, but it wasn’t enough to meet April’s $/unique visitor numbers.

In the middle of May I was down to 8 cents/unique before the changes were made. With the change to network/merchant placement, I was able to get that bumped up to just under 12 cents/unique by month end. Not quite enough to meet May’s record of 14 cents/unique.

I don’t know why CJ plugs up randomly for me. I don’t know why I can put another network in the same spot for the same merchandise (different merchant of course) and it performs on par. This is one of those Bad CJ Mojo Moments that just happen for me. I try not taking it personally. I try not imagining this Wicked CJ Employee laughing wildly and pushing the Big Red Button on and off for my account. It’s not healthy.


So yeah. Mixed emotions. When CJ is performing and sizzly, it’s a whole bunch of fun and giggles! But CJ was stinky-ish for me when I look at the numbers over the entire month–yet I was still able to hang on and kick butt!

Here’s the blow by blow for the Affiliate Site Focus project site:

Traffic: 4024 unique visitors

Up 500 unique visitors from April

Affiliate Earnings: $477.96

Down $7.33 From April

Earnings Per Unique Visitor: 0.12 (rounded up from .118)
Down 0.02 From April

Discouraging? Not really. Stuff happens. I realize the progress is slow, but it’s still progress. Traffic is the hardest thing to draw, and I’m succeeding with that at least. If I shake that money tree hard enough, something’s bound to happen!

What’s it look like for this month so far? CJ’s still not the #1 Hotty for me, but everyone else is hanging on and performing at their regular pace. Not sure if I’ll beat last month’s numbers or not, but it looks good so far :).


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