That S.O.B. Shoemoney Just Spammed Me

I’m pulling a late one (around 3 a.m. here), and I get not one, but *two* pieces of spam from that spin-meister shoemoney. How the hell does this guy get away with his stunts?

He’s like this self-promotional PR cyclone that everybody just eats right up. Even when he spams them.

Well I happen to luvs me some shoemoney just as much as the next person–I’ll let him off the spam hook. This time. And even do as he asks me to. Sonofa!

As per Shoemoney’s request:

Heads up, reminder about this week’s Shoemoney show on webmaster radio, tonight (Tuesday) at 5pm CST 6pm EST:

This Week’s Show – How To Monetize Community Websites Traffic with Lee Dodd

This show if you have not guessed already is how to make money from community driven sites like forums and other social network type sites.

If you’re struggling to monetize your forum, here’s your chance to find some answers.



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4 thoughts to “That S.O.B. Shoemoney Just Spammed Me”

  1. *laughs* and would you believe that the entry immediately after yours in the RSS reader was shoe-boy posting the same announcement to his blog?

  2. đŸ˜†

    I knew there was going to be a big push that day on the blogosphere about shoe’s show because if my email was in that ‘dirty script’, I figured there were a tonne of emails going out. What can I say though? It was shoemoney. He gets away with it! Apparently even with me ::grin::.

    Because of that I decided to make my post a little different so it wasn’t the same old yada yada. Shoe’s not the only one who knows how to draw an eyeball or two if they want it.

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