Flickrpreneur: Using Affiliate Programs on Flickr

I received a note from Ozgur about one of his blog posts that readers here may be interested in:

Flickrpreneur: New opportunities to make money with Flickr

This little idea may big impact for users, brands and flickr itself. Let me explain, users of flickr or uploaders may use their affiliate programs on flickr. For example, if you take a picture of Threadless tshirt, just add note links of how to buy it.

I think it’s a great idea that some here may want to pursue! I’ve added Ozgur’s blog to my feed reader too, it looks good so far and anything to help with marketing and business trends baby!

Sidenote: Spamming my blog comments gets you ~*nowhere*~ here. But privately contacting me with something worthwhile for readers like Ozgur did–you’ll have better luck ;).


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