Canned Spam vs. Spam Karma

The blog comment spam here on SuperAff has ramped up again. My new record is 300+ overnight. You have no idea how much p0rn and guru make money fast and adsense superkits and yada yada your eyes have been spared ;).

The good news is that Spam Karma is really holding well and only an odd few have snuck through, while 99% of the legit comments are posting live.

I find the secret to success with Spam Karma is continually adding common spam words to the blacklist.

Secret #2: Add .info domains to the domain blacklist. Sorry legit .info webmasters, but wowzers all the spam from .info domains is like a locust swarm from armageddon.

How to delete hundreds of spam comments quickly? It’s a trick I had to figure out:

Spam Karma >> Recent Spam Harvest >> Display 200 (change from 20) >> click Invert Checkbox Selection (beside Remove Selected Entries) >> Then eyeball the spam comments, uncheck anything that’s legit >> Now click Remove Selected Entries

Voila! 200 spam comments wiped out in one minute. Blog comment spam no longer consumes my time. Feel the power!


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