The $100 Commish Teaser

Nonstick SprayYou login to your aff account and see whoa! a nice big juicy commish. For me a big juicy commish is anywhere from $75 up. That gets my attention.

Heck who am I kidding. Anything above $10 a pop brings a smile to this pretty face ;).

And then…you dig a bit deeper to see which merchant the deal was done through…and you see it’s THAT MERCHANT.

[swear word]

That merchant is ok and can clip a good rate of sales, but never has a commish stick over $30 or $40 bucks. Dang it. It has plenty of big ticket items. And you have small amounts of traffic specifically looking for that particular big ticket item.

But. It’s never to be, they’re all unstickable for whatever reason (the big dollar ones). It’s like Affiliate Marketing Pam – the nonstick spray.

As I’m typing this, I see a juicy number sitting in my account that popped in today. It’s so darn close to $100 that I’m just going to say and pretend it is.

I think 48 hours was the last stretch of time it took for that merchant to pull back a biggy, but sometimes it’s within hours. I’ll start my stopwatch now to see how fast this one gets ripped.


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  1. I’m too chicken Peter, webhosting is like crazy competitive! It’s all I can do to rank for purple polka widgets, never mind webhosting ;)!

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