Saving Google Advertisers Money By Not Clicking Ads

I’m doing an odd thing lately and I’m not sure when or how it started. I’m pretty much adsense blind on websites so it’s not an issue there, but I do tend to notice google ads if I’m doing a search on Google.

Instead of clicking an ad that I want to visit, I’m grabbing the url from the ad display, pasting it in my browser address bar and visiting the site directly. Without clicking the ad.

I guess I just want to save the advertiser some money. It’s definitely not a negative impulse on my part (ie. trying to screw Google). I’m not a Google fan, but that’s too lame even for me–trying to ‘teach them’ by not clicking an ad or two :lol:.

Really–I’m not 100% sure what’s motivating it or when it started, I do it without thinking. But I KNOW how much these guys are paying for clicks and I KNOW I’m probably just browsing/not buying–so I cut Google out on my way in to give the advertiser a break.

Wondering if I’m the only nutbar doing this?


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  1. … I usually do the whole type in the address of the ad, if I see an interesting ad on my site – so I don’t incure the wrath of Google and there has been “on occassion” where I do that on other sites as well. πŸ˜›

  2. I’ve done that for a long time. Part of it is the fear of clicking on my own ads. Maybe google will see that I am clicking on ads and penalize me for it. Kinda silly.

    Part of it is also an anti-establishment mind-set.

    I need help. πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah, I do it on AdSense ads on my own websites. What I do is I right-click on the ad and copy the link location. Then I paste that into Notepad and get all kind of Google code but I grab the destination URL out of that — that way I get exactly the URL I would have landed on if I had clicked the ad and not just the “front page” which is usually used in the display URL.

    But if I see an interesting link on an AdSense unit somewhere else I usually click the link to support the blog editor/webmaster.

    – Hannes Johnson

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  4. Yep, I do this!

    Though not all the time. I only do this when I am researching keywords/ads and do not want to waste advertisers money.

    I also do the opposite, intentionally clicking on an ad when I don’t really want to see what the website has got to say. I have done this a few times because I felt the ad was inappropriate or something.

  5. Like a few people have already said, I do this on my own site, but I have not done it on any other sites.

    I’m probably just too lazy and just click on the ad…

  6. Consciously or subconsciously, I think you’re doing it because you’re subversive πŸ˜‰



  7. Hello,

    I wonder if you’re really doing the advertiser’s a favor. Here’s what I’m thinkin’. Google’s advertising campaigns offer a way for advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of their ads. After all, without knowing where their ad was seen and why, that advertiser could be losing valuable information for future campaigns.

    I’m under the impression that advertisers don’t mind spending money on ads if they know they’re being seen.

    And Hannes points out above that the advertisers are in favor of paying Web site owners, Web masters, and bloggers for legitimate advertising space. After all, without the Web site you were looking at and the advertisement on that site, you may never have seen the URL in question.

    I would probably be more prone to copy a straight URL instead of say someone’s awkward landing page or sumthin’. I will often go directly to a manufacturer’s Web site to see if an item I’m interested in is available cheaper than on the original site I was on. If not, I return to the site with the cheapest price, etc.

    But basically, I’m nowhere near as sympathetic to advertiser’s as you are. In some ways, they keep America humming along. Everything is paid for by advertising these days–literally everything. Hell, I even think advertisers should be the ones to buy my TV for me. Why on earth should I have to pay exorbitant amounts of money on an entertainment center and monthly programming when I’m subject to a ca-jillion advertisements.

    At least on the Web, I don’t have to pay for the privilege of watching their ads.

    So what the fart am I saying? I don’t know that your subversion tactics are really helping anyone. And I’ll add that Yahoo actually seems to be doing a better job of keeping track of blog updates and Web sites than Google is right now.


  8. You make some really good points Brian. One way to look at it is the subversive looking (not clicking the ads) would just offset the fraudulent clicking (competitor, paid clickers, bots, whatever).

    Regardless, I’m doing it now without even realizing it for the most part.

  9. i do just the same too. . i dont hate google, i dont sympatize with the advertizer. . .it is just a habit. . . .but at times i go out of the way by goin to websites directly without goin through a aff. but these days i dont.

    It is just not fair is it? every affliate goes thru hell and beyond to promote his links. . .it is only right tht you click on his link to join..

    i know this is about google and its ads. . .jst my 2 cents. ..

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