Martha Stewart’s New Blueprint Magazine

Martha Stewart's Blueprint Magazine I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned awhile ago that I am a Martha Stewart Superfan. But then I think there was no doubt with that personalized autographed picture (it hangs on my home office wall btw).

I just scooped two copies of the premier issue for her new Design Your Life Blueprint Magazine and it definitely has the Martha feel/stamp on it. Why two copies? Martha collectors know why ;).

I like it! It has a little bit of everything. A recipe or two (blue martini anyone?), home projects, fashion and tech gadgets, organizing. I seriously want the carpet bulletin board in my home office and I loved the Lifehacker feel to the “Scan About Town” article. It’s not heavy in any one area and well balanced.

And yup. I just bought and paid for a year subscription online.

And nope. I’m still not impressed with the Google adsense on her site. It’s like ugly graffiti that someone convinced her is really art. Bleh.


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2 thoughts to “Martha Stewart’s New Blueprint Magazine”

  1. Yes, they haven’t been blended properly, have they?
    I would have gone for no border and blue text the colour of the headings elsewhere on the page, but I’m sure Martha knows better than us đŸ˜‰

  2. I’m pretty impressed with how well the pic of the Blueprint magazine works with my blog theme here at SuperAff. At least on my monitor the colors are very complimentary. Martha would be proud I think ;).

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