Crazy Days Are Upon Us – CJ’s New Javascript Delight

Since this blog covers affiliate marketing, I guess I should write something up about this latest move from Commission Junction. I’m overwhelmed offline right now so this will be quick.

As someone who surfs online with javascript disabled, and is employed by a workplace that has javascript disabled (hundreds–if not thousands–of computers), I’m pretty shocked by this move. But who am I to question. I’m sure CJ has big big brainpower on their payroll that knows best.

My plans?

mmmm nothing really earth shattering. I’m already in the midst of a slow move away from CJ, and I’m seeing better results because of it. So I’ll just continue moving where I can and as I can.

I’m not going to quit CJ altogether because heck, this could be something really outstanding once we get a look see and try it out. Although I have strong suspicions, I can’t judge the craptastic factor on something until I get my hands on it to test.

One thing that I think is a great bonus is that links will automatically update themselves. I think? Hello people! That’s awesome. However, if my pages won’t load or my shoppers can’t view products or I lose my search traffic because of all the javascript…nevermind.

I will say that CJ was gracious this time around and gave us puh-lenty of notice before the changes will be made. Kudos to CJ for that!

The best case scenario from what I see at this point: I’ll be using very limited amounts of CJ products on pages. And side pages at that, not main pages.

For one thing I don’t want to bog my load times. For another thing, I don’t like the fact that a percentage of my shoppers will be shut out with blank pages (no javascript enabled). I figure I can combat that a bit by keeping the javascript links off my main trafficked pages. Show visitors that yes there’s stuff here, and no the site doesn’t load funky, maybe a side page or two will be slow or blank (:lol:).

The worst case scenario: I’ll be 100% CJ free by year end. It’s no biggy to me what network or merchant cuts me a cheque. If they perform, great. If CJ can’t provide what I’m looking for, SAS will. Or another network or another indie.

I have this love/hate relationship with CJ. I love the merchant quality they have. It’s truly head and shoulders above everyone else IMO. CJ’s in the position they’re in, has the affiliate power that it has – because of their merchant quality.

However CJ has never been a steady performer for me. Some months move great, odd months stand still. While everyone else on the same page keeps performing at a steady clip. I have no explanation or reasoning or thought other than: I hate CJ during those commish constipated times.

If you haven’t already, check your CJ account as there’s a FAQ posted regarding the link changes. It’s pretty much confirming worst fears. ALL links will be changed at some point (datafeeds included). And nope – the html email links will not be allowed on web pages.

Start covering your bases folks, crazy crazy times ahead.

I have a feeling non-CJ merchants are going to see a power surge in interest ;).


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