I’ve Been Hacked!

Most people *freak out* when one of their websites is hacked. I burst out laughing.

One of my directories (NiftyShops) was hacked and all files deleted and replaced with this scary red glowing demon skull thing with spine tingling wooooowooooo music playing in the background. Courtesy of RoDhEDoR & Linux_Drox & Dr.Jr7.

I noticed it yesterday and it’s all cleaned up now (host had it cleaned within minutes). It could have been like that for a few days. I do auto weekly backups for the site files (database daily) and the backup for the 21st was skull boy, but the 14th was a-ok.

I don’t know if this happened because of the directory script I was using (never felt great about that index.html file being 777 for permissions ;)) or if this host has ‘issues’ — new host for me.

I’m just going to shut the script down and leave the directory sit for awhile (no new submissions). The setup wasn’t that great to begin with, really hard to customize the template (which explains the current design), and not thrilled with the site overall.

I’d like to do something fun and funky with it, but it’s so far down the priority list that I think it’s l-a-s-t. Since the crew is so creative with their designs (RoDhEDoR & Linux_Drox & Dr.Jr7), maybe they’ll hook a girl up with something quite trendy. Red glowing skulls are not happening though. That’s so 80s.

What do you think? Is getting a site hacked and skulled some sort of Webmaster Rite of Passage? I don’t know why I’m so amused by it all. Maybe because it’s not a priority site for me. Or maybe because I realize the crew wouldn’t have messed with me if someone hadn’t left the door open.

I guess I should offer a bounty for anyone who brings the dastards to justice for messing with Nifty. NOBODY MESSES WITH NIFTYSHOPS! I think I’m supposed to be furious. So I’m offering a copy of a reseller ebook to anyone who can provide the necessary information to put those guys in Alcatraz for good.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure which ebook yet. But it will not be aged more than 8 years. And it will be an .exe format cranked out by some crappy software so it won’t work on Windows XP Service Pack 2. Nor will it work on a Mac. Or any operating system that has come out in the last 2 or 3 years. And when Vista arrives–it will evaporate. Tis the best I can do.

Note: The hosting for SuperAff is going through some pains right now from the server move. Things are loading slow and my outgoing mail seems to be stuck. I’ll respond to contacts as soon as I can get the outbox moving again.


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5 thoughts to “I’ve Been Hacked!”

  1. hi

    yeah…. I guess most of us do face these problems ocassionally…..

    try and use it your benefit… by learrning an area that you are not familiar of..

    well.. that’s what problems are for !!

    incidentally, what is your opinion on the below guys ?


    Sorry Shanks no linking or program pointing in comments please.

  2. Hi Shanks,

    I removed part of your comment, sorry. No I don’t have a clue about that program and it doesn’t look like anything I’d bother with personally.

  3. and when I just googledfor ‘niftyshops’ (because I hadn’t peeked at it before) – Google has indexed the pirate!

    (And they had music! ewwww…! ;))

  4. I know Lea! My poor poor Niftyshops! đŸ˜†

    I wondered if goog was going to snag the hacked files for the cache. When I wrote this post, it was still all nifty. Now the cache has the evil, spooky skull boy.

  5. Geez Lea you get around ; )

    Nice blog Terry some great info in here. Don’t hackers need to learn how to make some real doh. Why they can’t be more subtle and leave something longterm I dunno



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