Create a NOT To Do List

Here’s a good article about creating a ‘Noting List’:

Conscious NOTING

We all think of creating a daily or weekly to-do list but have you ever thought of creating a NOT to do list?

A NOT to do list is a list of items you want to stop doing. It can be something simple to help change a not so fulfilling habit, for instance, leaving your desk messy when you close up shop for the day.

I’m pretty much on this path right now. I think you may have noticed that a few posts ago ;). But in all seriousness, I have noticed a big jump in motivation and the creative juices are flowing more easily just by being as productive as a I can be.

That doesn’t mean I’m this mindless drone with my head bobbing and banging the keyboard. It’s not all about work and monotony. I’m having fun still. It’s just in a much more balanced (and fruitful)–and fulfilling–way.

I’ve paid attention to the habits that suck me down into that “not getting a darn thing done goofing off” mode. Shaving those habits down is really making a difference for me.

On that note, I’m thinking this is the last post I’ll make about this for awhile. I’m sure it’s boring for those of you who kick butt 75% – 100% of the time ;).


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2 thoughts to “Create a NOT To Do List”

  1. When I can’t do the shopping with my husband I write him a list, and I do it with 2 columns: ‘buy’ and ‘don’t buy’. I tell him that for anything thats not in either column hes on his own – I havent thought about the item.
    So, yeah, I’m using this technique. πŸ™‚
    (btw, I don’t know anyone who kicks butt 75% of the time or more – we’re all struggling to keep it together, IME, so chin up! :))

  2. Husband + Don’t Buy List

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    That’s hilarious, but I think I find it so funny because I so totally relate to that ;).

    Thanks for your comment Lea :).

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