Speed Up Your Affiliate Sites

One of the pitfalls of building websites full of affiliate product listings is the website load time. What is the latest recommended load time? Five or ten seconds to keep your visitor? They’re impatient you know! I know I am when surfing.

That timeline goal is not gonna happen when the page has to load product images and tracking pixels. And when the network itself is loading sloooower than usual, our websites chug even slower trying to load.

Here are a few tips to help with that:

  • Use clean code where possible. First of all you’re not going to have a fully valid site anytime you place an affiliate link on the page. The links themselves just don’t validate! But if you try to keep things clean where possible, it does help with load time.
  • Use an external css file instead of having it coded at the top of every page. I recently went through my affiliate sites that didn’t have an external css file and it seemed to make a difference
  • No brainer, but it’s the most important: Good Hosting. If you’re on a host that just doesn’t have the speed–move to another host as quickly as you can.
  • Use templates and header graphics that are appealing, but lean and mean. SEO friendly designs are a big bonus too ;).

I wasn’t all-that-concerned before about valid pages and external css files. If the templates I used had that–great. If not, I wasn’t too bothered. But since I’ve been making a real effort lately with my affiliate sites, I made the changes where I could and I have to say–the load speed has improved. Even on pages that are product heavy!

Faster loading pages give you a better chance to tempt a shopper’s eye, and that means one thing: more sales!

Enjoy your day today đŸ™‚


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