Running Out Of Server Space?

I had a shock the other day when I received notice from one of my webhosts that I was using over 80% of my server space and that I needed to look at removing some files or upgrading my hosting package to accommodate my server needs.

I had a hard time believing that I was using nearly 100 MBs so I did some digging around and cleaned out what I could. Didn’t make much difference. I downloaded a complete site backup to my desktop to confirm for myself that I really did have that much uploaded–and indeed I did.

I was a bit stumped because it wasn’t that long ago when I noted to myself I had over 1/2 the space free and I really hadn’t added anything that would account for the space hog. That’s a lot of room.

With my backup on my computer, I checked the various folder sizes and found a huge amount of MBs in the mail folder–something like 35 MBs. I went into cPanel and check the webmail. Bingo!

*Hundreds* of spam emails were sitting in my webmail account. I have it setup that I download all emails to my computer and then the mail is removed from the server. In this case I wasn’t receiving the spam because it was being sent to email addresses for my domain that don’t exist. The emails were just sitting in my online space.

I’ve cleaned out all that spam and now all is well.

Tip: If your server space is filling up and you’re not sure why, check your webmail.


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