Cutting Time Wasters

The other night I just wasn’t in ‘the mood’ to do any work online. But this week I’m limited with the amount of energy I can put into my websites because offline will be hogging most of my time. The 24 hour limit to a day, plus necessary sleep time–really can interfere with a person’s mission!

So in keeping with my: Put My Head Down And Keep Building Up What I Have goal/mission…I put my head down and got to work. And an amazing thing happened.

Although I really wasn’t in the groove to be all that productive, I kicked into high gear once I got started and I achieved A BIG PILE OF STUFF. More stuff in one night than I have in a long time.

I felt GREAT. And I know somewhere down the line the work that I did is going to pay off. It also helped me to realize something. I have chunks of ‘wasted time’ online that I consistently throw away. Daily.

If I put my mind to it, I can really get some incredible work done. The other night was a prime example. My work came first and I wasn’t doing any quick pit stops to sites or activities that I normally do.

Lately I’ve cut back quite a bit on my blog and forum reading. Once or twice a week scanning feeds and threads is all I need, or saving that for when I’m at work :P. But I realized I have other areas/activities that pull my head out of the game.

I think we all need time to ‘goof off’ and do fun things like script and tweaks hunting, or socializing and chatting, etc. It keeps things fresh. But I’ve allowed some online habits to become ‘part of my routine’ that really don’t serve me and my goals all that well. And some of those things may have felt worthwhile or valuable in some way–but in reality aren’t.

I’m deleting a few bookmarks and quick site launch shortcuts so that it’s not as easy for me to goof off and continue feeding unproductive habits. I want to break certain activities or at least severely cut them back. And see what I can do about creating a routine that reflects how serious I am about my online work and goals.

I figure it’s got to make a positive difference. Certainly can’t hurt!

Note: I’m glad to be back! The host SuperAff is on performed a server move and I was MIA for several hours. Positive: My blog spam numbers when I logged in this a.m. were a 1/10th of what they are normally!


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

2 thoughts to “Cutting Time Wasters”

  1. Well done on actually getting down to business, despite feeling like doing other stuff. A talent I am still trying to develop (I am getting better, most of the time).

    The annoying thing is that I ocasionally get into periods where I am all work, and get tons donw, but burn out within a week or two, and then frop the project altogether.

    Just trying to find a balance with my current projects.

  2. ITA Nenad, we can be too much the other way: all work and no play and then we’re toast! We really need to find that perfect balance for ourselves.

    There’s so much that I do online that’s second nature, part of my day. I didn’t realize until this week how much of my activities were really non-productive in terms of getting quality work done. I’m not going to cut everything out, but there’s no reason why I can’t partition those fun chunks of time into once or twice a week rather than daily.

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