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I’m just doing *a bit* of reading tonight before I dive back into my pile of work that I want to finish up tonight and I can’t help but point out the V7N Search Marketing News blog. Color me outta the loop…but I don’t know who Peter Da Vanzo is. Is he part of V7N? I thought it was just John Scott. Again–I’m not too hip on these things :lol:. But Peter’s one of the writers for the blog and he’s really coming out with some great reading.

A little bit of the news/headlines stuff, but not so exclusive to it that it has a danger of flagging the blog as ‘nothing all that useful/original’. He has been putting in a lot of original content and tips for affiliates and webmasters to follow–without all the damn-sad-sorry-sales-pitches/promo-for-my-friends-stuff that we can find ourselves sucked down into and start screaming to ourselves: WTF am I spending my time reading this blog for again???

Here’s what caught my eye in my latest scan through:

  • Link Building – some notes and a pointer to another blog post
  • How to Build Landing Pages That Work – notes and a blog pointer
  • Adsense Strategy – Trap the Cursor – again notes and a blog pointer
  • Are Your Pages Too Heavy? – notes

Again I don’t know who Peter is, but he’s doing an awful lot of *good* blogging for V7N. Not only good, but helpful and original info.

I also see now that the blog comments are turned off and people are to post in the forums instead–I’m not too fond of that since I’m not too big on forum posting (the whole signup/username/password/verify then login and post thing and have yet ANOTHER profile/login to keep track of–can’t be bothered). But can’t please everyone :lol:.

Add the blog to your feed reader for awhile, see if you enjoy it like I have been lately.


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4 thoughts to “Great Blog To Pick Up”

  1. Hi, and thank you for your kind comments. We’ve turned comments back on. Turns out blog people tend to stick with blogs and forum people tend to stick with forums. ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, V7N is actually much more than John Scott. The community there makes V7N what it is, and I am just a small part of that.

    Peter Da Vanzo is sometimes referred to as the original SEO blogger. His own blog is at and he’s an old hand at this. We were very honored to have him join the V7N team because he has a seriously unique and valuable take on search and marketing topics.

    Again, thanks for the mention!

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