The Hosting Shuffle

I’m in the midst of shuffling some sites around to new hosts and adding a few pages on new domains. I’m kick starting the aging process for some and others I’m getting pages up on expired domain purchases–I want to see what’s happening with those.

Although this may seem off-track from my Focus on small chunks at a time plan, it really isn’t. I’m rocking with this plan, money’s growing–I’m not about to screw it up by getting all scattered running around crazy again :).

Some of the ‘new’ domains I’m putting a bit of content up are on expired domains I purchased to drive traffic to these particular affiliate sites I’m focusing on. I’m not doing very well at choosing good expired domains to buy though since none are *getting* any traffic so far. haha. Learning curves are fun!

I’m also moving things around a bit to give me more room for affiliate sites, traffic pushing domains, directories, yada yada. I’m never too excited moving from one host to another, especially when it involves scripts and databases. Lots of potential to screw up and 5 hours of straight hair pulling time.

But this will benefit me in the end, so I hang in there.

Why not just keep everything on one server or with one host? Lots of cheap plans available for unlimited addon domains right?

I’ve talked about that here before, but here’s a big reason:

  • You don’t get hit as hard when a host goes down. And every host has downtime at some point. If you have all your money sitting on one server and it goes down or your host jumps town–all that money stops until you can get it back online. Not fun.

As you’re building your online portfolio of websites, there comes a time that things need to be spread around a bit more. And depending how much you grow, you’ll probably end up doing that more than once. Only you can decide what your comfort zone is. I don’t like the thought of having say 10 money sites sitting with one host. That can be a big burn if/when something goes wrong.

I have two big moves to get through and then the hardest parts are over. The rest are just straight pages that don’t involve passwords, direct paths, usernames, and all that jazz. And I’ll be able to breathe again too ;).

One thing about shuffling hosts though–it’s *very* time consuming finding the right hosts to work with, waiting for domains to resolve and moving everything around. I’m glad I don’t have to do this every day.


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