Last Month’s Affiliate Site Focus Update

Last month I mentioned that I was going to just cut out all the running around building new and just focus on building up what I have currently (see Building One Small Chunk At A Time). Here’s a refresher:

Affiliate Site #1: I’ve bumped up traffic a bit, added a few more merchants to work with, cleaned things up, built some inbounds and wrote and submitted a couple new *original* articles. Sales and commissions for last month (March) were the highest that they’ve been (keep in mind I’m not talking thousands though). But over $350 in commissions for that one site. From free traffic. Unique visitor amount was 3,500.

April’s update:

My traffic stayed the same (3,500 and change). I was shuffled a bit in Yahoo’s SERPs and my hosting was somewhat funky for the month. So I’m pleased to see that I hadn’t dropped in uniques at all. However, my money increased:

March this site made me $350. April’s numbers:

$8023.79 Total Product Sales
$485.29 Commissions earned

3507 Unique Visitors

$0.138 cents per visitor

What I did was shuffle the performers and non-performers around. This pushed me from earning $0.10 per visitor to just under $0.14. I also tried out some new merchants, one which kicks butt and makes those sales happen.

However, the commission rates of the Performers aren’t all that great (5%-7%) and it’s showing in my commissions earned. I think it’s shameful that over $8,000 in product sales only netted me what it did. But it is what it is.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do as much work in April that I hoped to do, so my plans for this month are still the same. I’m not building anything new. I’m hooked on this site and want to push it higher, double would be *great*. Only way to get that is to continue on.

I think that building an affiliate site with 3,500 monthly visitors is very doable for everyone here who is still struggling online. It’s a realistic number that can be accomplished and I hope it’s encouraging to those of you who are still trying to find some money for your efforts.

It just takes time to get your domains settled in and some traffic happening. The key for me is building inbounds, building links and hopefully striking it rich with at least a few of those.

It’s not hard to see the math here. If you can build one aff site that earns just under $500 a month in commissions, what happens if you have just 10 of them? Or 20? If I can build up 3,500 unique visitors, why not 7,000?

For Aff Site #2 (the one that I converted to WordPress), the traffic numbers are the same–but I jumped a bit in sales. The commissions were small (around $10 average) so it’s on the back burner. I haven’t attempted to build on and push any of my other sites yet.

This month I’m looking at doing:

  • More article writing
  • More link development

I’d *love* to update the blah look of Aff Site #1, but I’m scared to touch it in case I drop in Yahoo and MSN. That’s one thing about having some traffic. You don’t feel as comfortable tweaking the place up.

Also FYI: I did meet and beat March’s total numbers in April. The bar’s been raised by $100. Gotta love it ;).


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2 thoughts to “Last Month’s Affiliate Site Focus Update”

  1. Congrats on increasing your sales. It must feel great!

    I like what you’re doing, and how you are staying focused. I dabble in affiliate marketing too, but mostly via pay per click. What are your thoughts between the two?

    Also, what are your two affiliate websites? I would love to take a look.

  2. Thanks Xin,

    My thoughts on ppc? I’ve weaned myself off it for a few reasons. For one thing I have at least some organic traffic now on all my sites and have no idea if an affiliate product sale is being generated from that or from adwords/ppc. I think my last paid ad was summer 2005. Never a big fan of ppc anyhow because of clickfraud and the fact that you can keep your ads off content sites, but still display in parked domain pages when you just have search traffic chosen–a big target for the click fraud gangs.

    I have more than two affiliate sites Xin, but the ones I’m talking about here aren’t public. I don’t reveal my affiliate sites, I prefer to keep that private.

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