Getting Your Link In Front Of The Right Eyeballs

Awhile ago I was contacted on one of my info/resource type websites asking if I would post a link to her new forum. Although the forum wasn’t hopping and at the time not one of the best forum resources since it was so new, it did fit nicely with one of the topics on my site and was built up enough that it was worthwhile for my visitors to check out. So I said thanks for link, and posted it.

Fast forward in time. That forum is now thriving and although I didn’t request a link in return for posting her link–she to this day makes sure her visitors know about my site.

I’m pushing good, juicy traffic to her and she’s pushing good, juicy traffic back. Forget about serps and search engines. There’s nothing here they have a hand in. This is a good example of two webmasters each recommending a good resource to their visitors, and both benefitting from that.

It gets better yet. I’ve been able to track some of the WOM (word of mouth) link drops back to her forum. Meaning someone from her forum posts elsewhere: “Here’s a great site I found over at ABC Forum”. All this simply because I thought I’d help a fellow webmaster out with her new forum.

Building links, any and all links, solely for SEO purposes can work out–but it has a low shelf life. Getting your links on a page that is viewed by the right type of eyeballs (meaning targeted) is kick butt and not reliant on search engines. Added bonus is that those links do help with SERPS too.

How can you do that? How can you get your links in front of the right eyeballs?

  • I’ve done link exchanges that have been very beneficial to me. The key is to be related in some way, yet non-competitive. Or at least not overly competitive.
  • Writing articles that are on theme with your website and submitting them for other webmasters to use. If someone reads your article and clicks through–they’re interested.
  • Participating in communities and blogs that are within your target market
  • Offer a targeted freebie that people will be excited about and triggers WOM (word of mouth)
  • Guerilla marketing methods–I haven’t successfully figured this out yet
  • Paid advertising on websites and forums (targeted of course)

Probably nothing new in there for you. We all know about the techniques and the methods and what we should be doing. But I think we can get lost in our focus and forget that building rich targeted links is what we really want. Because those are the links that are going to most benefit us–regardless of what the Algo at Google decides.

Link building is the hardest thing to do though. It’s like pulling teeth to get them (at least good quality ones). It’s not sexy, it’s not glamorous, it’s dirty work. But it’s a skill that can’t be ignored and has to be mastered if you want any kind of success online.

If you can figure out and master how to drive and push traffic, massive amounts of traffic–the net’s yours to own.

Building SEO links vs. Building targeted traffic links.

One of these things is not like the other ;).


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