The Debate Over .edu and .gov Links

I don’t pretend to be an SEO guru because I’m far far away from that trophy. But I have been following the debate over .edu and .gov links with some interest.

For those not in the know, here’s the scoop. Some links (inbounds) are far more valuable than others. A link from a texas holdem poker scraper site isn’t going to be as valuable as a link from say DMOZ. And a link from a directory that’s scrappy crappy, isn’t going to be as juicy powerful as a link from a rich authority site like

Yes links matter. We know that. But it’s the ‘quality’ of link that’s going to get your buttons pushed rather than the ‘quantity’. Or at least a good mix of both. Lotsa crap will bring something, but throw quality in the mix and you’re in big business.

So there’s a debate. Do .edu and .gov links hold more link juice than an average link? Are they something to strive & bribe for?

Here’s some debate and more info:

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Are there any evidence that having inbound .edu and .gov links are “better” links and counts more than other links ?

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Are .edu and .gov the powerballs in seo? I have no idea. Here’s what I do know:

A search term for a very competitive area yields 35,000,000+ results in Google’s serps. And there’s an aff site that floats around in the Top 20.

Backlinks for that aff site show a *WOW* amount of .edu pages pointing to it. Think an affiliate site has no chance of getting these juicy links? That’s what I thought. But think again.

Although the affiliate site in question is a freaking mess and an unbelievable 1/2 step above a scraper site, it’s getting all kinds of unbelievably great juicy inbounds. Many from .edu domains!

How? I’m not going to tip the site because that’s not fair to that affiliate, so please don’t ask. But I will say this:

Provide a *rich* *rich* *wealthy* *rich* amount of information and pages, that don’t interfere with your affiliate pages (meaning no competition, but compliment) and BAM! you’ve got good links.

Check out .edu pages that are in the same ‘target area’ of your niche. What are they linking out to? Can you replicate that in some way, but be original enough so that you will be linked to?

Are .edu and .gov links something to strive for? Ummm. I’d say a big:

! Hell Yeah !

Gotta be better than those darn scraper sites that keep picking me up :lol:.


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