Affiliate Commissions Continue Upward

Ok everybody–hold your breath! Cross your fingers! And whisper quietly for the next three days [[pretty please]].

Last month (March) I had my highest earnings for aff commissions. Sweet! And to show me it wasn’t a fluke–this month is *teetering* on the same dollar line.

Two things are driving me *crazy* while I’m stats stalking:

Number 1: One of my hosting accounts with a few affiliate sites on it had a sporadic problem with php queries timing out. The aff site pages would load fine, but when you’d click a scripted link (what I use to cloak the affiliate links), the page would time out. That means that the visitor was never able to reach the merchant! [[[groan]]] It was an on/off problem for awhile that no one realized until just last week. DOH! D-Doh-Doh-Doh! I mean when your website is loading perfectly fine, how would you know there’s a problem?

Lesson Learned: Randomly check your links! Especially when your sales are down for a site that normally performs better.

Number 2: I never have great luck towards the end of the month. Usually I swing high for aff commissions at the beginning/middle of the month with very low amounts coming in at the end. I think this could be reflective of real life obligations–many people pay their bills at the end of the month, so there’s less money to shop online. This month while I’m cheering my aff numbers, the peak hits and then the sharp drop. I’m talking commissions in the $1-$2 range. WTH is that? So when I say I’m teetering on last month’s numbers, I’m serious. Those buck or two jobbies are k-i-l-l-i-n-g me! But happy to have them of course, something’s better than nothing :).

So we’ll see how the month ends, but as of now I’m definitely on par with last month. And to me–that’s GREAT news. It’s affirmation that the focus I’ve put on two affiliate sites is paying off. I need to keep that up, keep my head down and hyper-focus on small chunks at a time. Keep working on building traffic to spectacular highs (not there yet).

We’ll see how next month (May) turns out, but I’m feeling good. Mother’s Day is happening, and then Father’s Day in June. We’ll see some shoppers out for that. I have more than one site that fits well with those two days so I hope the Magical Affiliate Luck will shine on me some more.

And: my hosting is running perfectly smooth again–that’s gotta make a difference for May!

I hope we *all* kick butt next month. It’s such a great boost and motivation when you see numbers go higher and higher every month.


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  1. I probably can’t hold my breath for three days but glad to hear you’re doing well. Congrats.

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