Your EPC And Why It Matters

Working with your own numbers, not the merchant’s or network’s displayed EPC, but your own stats, you see:

Merchant A

5000 Clicks
200 Sales
$2000 Total Commissions

Your EPC= $0.40

Merchant B

5000 Clicks
40 Sales
$2250 Total Commissions

Your EPC = $0.45

Merchant A flips the sales as easily as flipping your hair back. Darn these guys are good and they know what they’re doing, they outsell Merchant B 5 to 1. But–the commission rate is low and the average sale amount is so-so.

Merchant B breaks a bead trying to produce sales, however, they pay Primo commission rates and their average sale amount is Cha-Ching-alicious. I’m not happy with the conversion rate, but the conversion rate doesn’t pay the bills. The paycheck with my name on it does.

Based on those numbers, which merchant would you choose?

Sidenote: Guess who’s in the middle of compiling numbers and choosing which merchants to bless and annoint the prime real estate to? :lol:! Numbers are examples only btw.


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