The Merchant That Keeps On Giving

I finally got accepted into a merchant’s program that I’ve applied to off and on over the past two years. Something about ‘not enough traffic’ being an Issue. Darnit. But I never gave up.

Never harrassed, just kept poking in those apps every now and again. Finally success! And at the beginning of the month I put their links up and woohoo–this merchant is on F-i-r-e.

Ching Ching

*I’m not used to that*

Commission rate is on the loooooooow side, but if I can push that traffic more–we can talk about it I’m sure.

I’m going to ass-u-me they like me too ::big grin::.

Experiencing such a dramatic difference in merchant performance has really opened my eyes to how important it is to keep trying, keep testing different merchants and see what happens. My gosh you can triple, quadruple your sales when you hit a great fit!


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