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.htaccess tips and tricks

Blocking bad bots and site rippers (aka offline browsers) with .htaccess

Perl help, examples, and tutorials

Couchblog Links

CSS Basics

Layout-palooza : Top CSS Layout Download Sites, Hacks, Galleries and Tricks

CSS Rounded Corners ‘Roundup’

Web Developer’s Handbook

Blue Vertigo Web Design Resources

30 AJAX Tutorials

Making Usage Statistics in PHP – Tutorial

PHP For Beginners

Quick and Easy Site Content with RSS and PHP

How Does Google Toolbar Work?

12 Ways To Markup A Book

PlumChoice Online
Get your computer fixed online

Our Columnist Creates Web ‘Original Content’ But Is in for a Surprise (WSJ)

Fun and Easy How to Guide to Binding Your Own Paperback Books At Home…FAST

DNS Recursion – Open DNS Servers

Entrepreneurial Proverbs

Squidoo Lens: Articles That Sell

Speaking Tips – MezzoBlue

How to: roll your own reBlogger

How to set up reBlog – killer server side feed reader

50 Tools Which Can Help You In Writing


Beginner’s guide to podcasts and podcasting (plus: how to create a basic podcast of your own)
*Archive of files from the BBS world /1980’s

How To Become An Early Riser

Multimonitor Setup: Three Screens For One Computer

*free website is run by volunteers and is powered by over one million consumers who demand high quality phone support from the companies that they use

Charles Fishman/The Wal-Mart Effect Interview

List of Forums for Bloggers

Basic Concepts of SEO by Bob Massa

Switching to a New Domain Without Losing Your Google Rankings

Building a blog cluster


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