Bookmark Notes – Links Heading Your Way

I have 5 blog posts coming, one for each day of the week filled with links from my latest collection of bookmarks. Yes, the messy bookmarks job has been tackled. I’m embarrassed of how many I accumulated before cleaning them out.

I decided to split them up into 5 days worth of posts because there are far too many to put into one or two. This way it’s a little easier to organize and digest.


Freebies & Fun (Monday)
Bookmarks, Tutorials and More (Tuesday)
Latest WordPress Finds (Wednesday)
Tools For Being Organized (Thursday)
Google PageRank Checkers & Tools (Friday)

Also the Article Submissions List has been updated with a few more sites that accept articles.

I’ve cleared through a pile of offline work as well, so I’m feeling pretty darn good right about now ;). Hopefully the weather will get a bit warmer here (and drier) so I can tackle the flower bed cleanup this week as well. I have the week off from work, it’s gonna be g-r-e-a-t!

Enjoy your day!


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