Why Not Adwords and PPC?

I received a note asking me why I wanted to stay away from adwords/PPC, adsense and the rest for growing my income online.

I won’t get into my distaste for adsense and my conviction that it’s going to burn a lot of webmasters in the end (opinion only of course) because I think it gets tiring after awhile. I’m even bored of my adsense rants :lol:.

But I don’t think I’ve really talked about PPC advertising and why I’ve moved away from it.

I did work with adwords advertising back in the day. It’s a good program IMO, and it does have value and can indeed bring juicy, targeted traffic.

First an FYI: I seem to have this quirk within me that insists on doing things the hard way. I smell a strange smell when it comes to ‘easy money’ and ‘fast cash’ online. Because that’s not at all what I’m interested in.

What I want to focus on is building a solid foundation, something that will still produce money even when Factor A craps out.

I used to hang a bit with someone online who did very, very well with PPC advertising. For a year or two he made his cash, life was good, sun shone, birds sang, and all was right with the world.

He spent all his time finding more keywords to use, writing and rewriting ads, worked on his landing pages, anything and everything to keep the flow of money coming. Totally enveloped in the ppc culture.

One month he ran into a bit of trouble. Bids were rising, clicks were coming that did nothing, sales dropped.

Two things happened: he was getting priced out (bids got too high) and he (eventually) traced his empty clicks back to click fraud. To be successful in PPC, your profits need to be high enough to cover both bid increases and fraudulent clicks.

He rode out one month with some concern, second month he grew more concerned, third month panic, fourth month forced out of the game altogether (time estimates from memory).

Now that adwords and other ppc options crapped out for him, he had nothing. There was no organic traffic because the site was so reliant on ppc. I have no idea where he’s at now. He’s literally dropped off the face of the earth.

I don’t want that same ending for myself. I don’t want to spend my time obsessing over PPC stats and performance. I’d rather take that focus and energy and put it in places that will serve me well over time.

Reason #2: I’m not sophisticated enough to be able to monitor what affiliate product sales are coming from organic traffic and what paid advertising is producing. Seems silly to me to bid and pay for keywords when you have no idea how well they’re performing for you and whether or not they’re worth having bid wars over.

PPC Tip: I experienced higher conversions when my ads were displayed at the bottom of the heap rather than fighting for the top three slots. My theory is that the visitors were more motivated.


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  1. I agree that PPC is not the best way to make money. I think the biggest issue is whether a comsumer actually means anything when clicking an add. If I were a merchaint I would pay for a Lead or for a Sale. I think advertisers will eventually come to this conclusion. And if you’re planning to become an affiliate choose a PPL or a PPS program

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