Online Merchants That Just Can’t Stick A Sale, Any Sale

Sometimes I wonder how an online merchant survives when nearly all of their sales result in refunds (two sales stuck for the past year, that’s it).

How do they pay their hosting fees? How do they cover the costs associated with doing business online? And how can they possibly still be accepted and operate in an affiliate network?

My fault for not pulling the sad sucker sooner though–one year of nonsense doesn’t even offer any entertainment value.

I’m absolutely itching to dump a few more, but just shy of minimum payouts. I almost feel sorry for these guys that need thousands of targeted clicks to scratch together and make one sale stick.


Imagine what would happen if they actually performed half decent and got some prime time instead? I don’t know if it’s crappy affiliate tracking, crappy cookies, crooked merchants, lousy products when the light of day hits them, my affiliate marketing halo is cracked, or what the problem is.

Doesn’t matter. It all means the same to me: $0. Moving the stinkers out and bringing the buckaroos in.

Speaking of which, I just realized one merchant of mine has tracked 11 sales on 400 clicks.

Guess who’s being moved front and center? Love those juicy performers!


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