Building One Small Chunk At A Time

At the end of February I made a post (I Suck At SEO, Now What?) that drew a couple comments from Empress and Digger.

Basically the post was about not needing big traffic numbers nor top 10 Google rankings to earn a bit of money online. Several minisites with small income can and does add up quite nicely.

Digger made a comment though that sparked something for me.

Procrastination is my hardest thing to overcome. Like you I’ve seen results from sites I’ve built and rather than going “Wow” and busting ass after seeing success I tend to sit around for a month or two only doing “just enough”.

He’s right, that does happen and I absolutely can run all over the place doing ‘stuff’, but not really accomplish bigger levels because I move on to the ‘next thing’ once I achieve ‘just enough’.

So after his comment I made a conscious decision to hold the phone, back up, and start over again. This time not doing ‘just enough’, but making a real effort to push things higher for what I currently have up and running.

I chose two sites, one that I mentioned in that post and the other was this affiliate site (Upgrading Affiliate Sites To WordPress).


Affiliate Site #1: I’ve bumped up traffic a bit, added a few more merchants to work with, cleaned things up, built some inbounds and wrote and submitted a couple new *original* articles. Sales and commissions for last month (March) were the highest that they’ve been (keep in mind I’m not talking thousands though). But over $350 in commissions for that one site. From free traffic. Unique visitor amount was 3,500.

The next affiliate site was the one that I transferred to WordPress. Cleaned up the design. Brightened the place up. Added a couple new merchants. A few new product pages. Wrote one original article, and submitted to a few places. Built a few inbounds. Traffic is about the same, but sales jumped nicely. This site definitely needs more work on traffic since it only averages a few hundred uniques a month.

Overall the efforts I poured into these two sites for the month of March really-paid-off. And affiliate websites are a funny thing. The work you do today pays off down the road. So the inbounds and new product pages I worked on in March should start showing and affecting my SERPs this month. Hopefully. Any time now :).

This setting everything else aside and focusing on two website overhauls at a time, is really hard for me. It requires some discipline. I have a new blog concept ready to roll–that’s on hold. I have directories that I was taking time every day to work on submissions–that’s only done weekly now. I have some work to do for independent product creation and sales–that’s on hold.

There’s just so many hours in a day. And I decided that what has to come first right now is building up what I already have to higher levels so that there’s a higher amount of money coming in every month. Because that’s why I’m here. That’s what my mission has been since day 1. Make some good cash online.

Doing a half-assed job, doing ‘just enough’ can bring in money. But I’m taking it to the next level.

So this month I’m going to still work on building more traffic for these two sites. Then get started on repeating the process for another two affiliate websites of mine. One is fairly established and performs monthly, but could definitely use a big jump in traffic. The other I’ll be transferring to WordPress, new design, clean up the products and the merchants. Pretty much another left behind site with only 1 or 2 sales a month and a couple hundred uniques a month. And of course–build inbounds and traffic.

If I stay consistent, keep my head down and continue building up what I currently have, work on two sites at a time, building more traffic (which translates to more sales), I’ll be making a full time income online from my affiliate sites by summer. Around August-ish. Just with the affiliate sites I have now, no other streams or new income streams added. No ppc. No adsense.

And I don’t think that’s optimistic. I think that’s realistic.

How exciting is that?


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

One thought to “Building One Small Chunk At A Time”

  1. That is absolutely freakin’ awesome, Terry! đŸ™‚

    I’m so glad your hard and steady work is helping you achieve the rewards you deserve!

    It can be soooooo hard to hold back the new ideas, to work day after day and month after month to make slow improvements, but you’re doing it! Congratulations!



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