The Blogging Z List Meme Tracker Request

Wil and I are having a discussion over at his blog FreeCashSpace about elitism rearing its ugly self in the blogosphere.

And I had a brilliant idea. Really Really Brilliant.

I’d like to see a Z List Meme Tracker, something along the lines of TailRank that tracks what’s happening in the Z List Blogging World.

Here’s why I think it’s a great concept:

  • I’m really getting bored watching many of the A-listers pass traffic back and forth to each other. And the ever popular link-chain-circles are even more silly (Blogger A links to Blogger B who links to Blogger C who links back to Blogger A who links to Blogger C who links to…you get the idea). We could make it a drinking game–for every link they pass each other, we take a drink. We’d all be sloshed by 9 a.m. Every-Single-Day. I’m not a drinker though, so that’s another reason why I’m bored with it all.
  • Everyone already follows the A-listers. Why not have a one-stop-shop that tracks what’s being buzzed about with the Z-listers, a whole nother world that not many know exist? What’s the sense of tracking A-List convos that are already being followed by everyone?
  • Posts from Z-listers that are just rehashing, respinning, redressing and putting lipstick on what the A-listers are saying shouldn’t be tracked. Unique, fresh discussions only.
  • My personal opinion is that most of the action, inspiration and fresh conversation is found in the Z List world. At least when they stop reporting and linking to each and every sneeze an A Lister makes. It would be nice to have one central place that tracks those Z list buzz boxes.

I’m not hatin on the A Listers. I’m just more interested in what’s going on in the Z List World. I find there’s a much wider circle of resources and open and free discussion going on that most A Listers just don’t/won’t provide. Except for Boing Boing. They’re mighty inclusive I think, rather than exclusive. Maybe that’s why they’re so successful and blow the arse off most everyone else ;).

So if anyone is up to it and willing to get the job done, please setup a Z List Meme Tracker. Feel free to send me the details so I can check it out.

Many Thanks :).


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3 thoughts to “The Blogging Z List Meme Tracker Request”

  1. You know, I totally agree with you on the whole “drinking game of link sharing” with those who call themselves “A Listers”. It’s really odd tho – that I find most of them really, really, REALLY hard to read. I think I’m totally into reading more about the “ordinary” everyday person … or maybe the occassional “A lister” who keeps it real.

    Most A Listers I’ve seen end up sounding like the Teacher in Charlie Brown…. All talk… not much else. I just find them not at all interesting.

    … but that’s just my 2 cents.

  2. Empress I visualize all this A-list, Z-list blogging stuff to highschool days when we used to have these big-mother parties way out in the bush of some poor old farmers field (outskirts of the city).

    Everybody went. Nerds, Jocks, Cheerleaders, Head Bangers, Mall Girls, Druggies, Boozers, Freshies, Seniors…everybody from all kinds of groups and cliques would gather together at these bush parties.

    Some people were minglers. They can float from one ‘clique’ to the other, genuinely interested in hanging for a bit with everyone. And looking back I can see that the ‘minglers’ were the most respected, well liked people.

    I see some successful blogs/bloggers like that. They’ll hang out on the Z-lists as well as the A-lists. They’ll point out so-and-so’s blog post because it really had something to say, not because they networked somewhere or because they were an ‘A list’. That stuff doesn’t factor in at all with these guys. They’re very much inclusive, not exclusive.

    Other big bloggers though are like ‘That Guy’ at the party who never ventured out to anyone. You had to go to him if you wanted to chat. He was only interested in talking about himself, pointing out what he was so great at and how smart he was and how cool his car speakers were. It was all about building himself up and impressing as many people as possible. He wasn’t interested in you. What your thoughts were because they weren’t as important as his. Or because you weren’t all that ‘popular’–therefore in his mind, there was nothing in it for him to hang with you.

    I’m nearly 40 years old (gulp), and I can’t believe how highschool blogging has become.

    I know blogging is all about popularity (aka traffic) for a different motivation, but it is getting boring and tired–real fast–IMO.

    I’ve already had a few comments sent to me to check a few things out, so I’ll post here if I can find that perfect ‘Z List Tracker’.

  3. Ah, the fond memories of high school. Great analogy, Terry! I guess I was a mingler back then, and I still am.

    I think you’re right — reading Z-Listers can be just as good, and often better, than reading the A-Listers. I’m happy to read and link to anything that’s good and that I want to share with my visitors.

    A memetracker for Z-Listers would be great! I think I’m going to start doing my bit by trying to read more Z-List blogs Maybe even save up a few links and then doing a weekly post specifically dedicated to sharing some of the cool stuff I’ve found.

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