Do You Purchase From Affiliate Links?

Last week I was at work checking out a few different products to buy and decided I would make an ebook purchase when I got home. I set aside two links, one the affiliate page that recommended the ebook, the other was the product home page (no affiliate link).

When I got home I clicked the direct link to the product page, wanting to review the details again before I made the purchase. I was about to complete the purchase when I realized doh! I hadn’t been cookied with the affiliate’s link since I just went directly to the product’s website.

I abandoned the purchase and went back through the affiliate’s link to complete the sale so that she would be credited.


  • It didn’t cost me a thing by doing so.
  • It encourages someone who I perceive as working on her dream and trying to make a go of things online.
  • She didn’t hard sell or have ridiculous claims in her copy, just a simple recommendation for a product that she obviously felt good about promoting.
  • The product creator would receive 100% of the product sale if I bought directly with no reward to his affiliate. That makes me feel better or benefits me how?
  • I can’t explain it, but I do believe and experience daily some sort of kharmic law that’s alive and well on the net. The more you give, the more you get. I can’t prove it. It’s just something that’s very real to me.

So what product did I purchase?

Not saying. That’s not what this blog post is about and I do think it’s a nice thing for us to remember that sometimes what we do and how we do it can really make a positive difference for someone–many times at no cost to ourselves :).

Enjoy your day…the sun’s shining brightly here and my windows are getting pushed wide open all day. Love that crisp, fresh air right after being locked up tight against that brrrr chilly Winter!


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2 thoughts to “Do You Purchase From Affiliate Links?”

  1. I shop through a lot of affiliates, but most are big-time affiliate rewards programs like Mypoints or FatWallet. But I also shop through some little-guy affiliates for one simple reason — they help me.

    Either they help me find things I want to buy, or they help me make purchasing decisions by providing honest opinions that I trust. Sometimes they help me so much that I’ll buy through their affiliate link instead of buying it cheaper elsewhere.



  2. That’s a big thing Wil that I think affiliates really don’t get credit for:

    Affiliate Marketing is all about putting what people are looking for right in front of them.

    I wrote about this awhile ago: The Value Affiliates Bring To The Web.

    I think that affiliates get a bad rep and big businesses (like Google) think that what shoppers really want or are really interested in is only what other big businesses provide and that affiliates just muddy things up (serps especially).

    Follow that? lol

    Thin affiliate sites–what does it matter? Really? If shoppers are landing on sites that are getting them to where they want (easily), how can that be a negative? And doesn’t that encourage and help ecommerce (and big business) flourish?

    The purchase I spoke about in the post above was actually a benefit for me since the affiliate was pointing me to a price drop offer–I saved a bit of cash on a purchase that I would have made at a later date at full price.

    I mean, how can I not appreciate that! This girl loves a bargain lol.

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