I’m Horrified – Martha Stewart Displays Adsense

Autographed Pic Martha Stewart

I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart’s. Yup I am!

I think she’s a kick-butt business person and have followed her for years (I have a personalized autographed photo from her too! :lol:).

Not to mention every single Martha Stewart magazine (ok just up to year 2005–I’m running out of shelf space!).

But horror of all horrors, Martha’s displaying Google Adsense on her website marthastewart.com:

Pie Crust 101

Martha Adsense

When a website such as marthastewart.com starts filling ad units with adsense, good gravy is there any hope for the rest of us?

It … it … all appears so desperate to me. Surely a website like Martha’s can attract a much, MUCH, better monetized solution?

Disclaimer: I’m obviously not an Adsense fan ;).

Thanks to Stephan Miller for the heads up.


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