What Are You Going To Do To Make Money Today?

It’s funny. When I get a jump in online income, I normally know why. It’s because I did ‘this’ or I did ‘that’. I know what I need to do to gain targeted traffic for each of my sites. I know what’s working for Site A and what isn’t working for Site B.

So why do I allow myself to get sidetracked by so many things?

Submissions at my directories need tending to.

Emails need to be caught up and acted on.

Templates need to be tweaked.

New hosting accounts found.

New scripts need to be installed.

New pages made.

Blog. Read and post.

Links swapped.

More this and more that.

Yada yada yada.

All very important things and part of maintaining, growing and building my online portfolio of goodies.

But. I tend to lose sight of consistently doing more of ‘what’s working’ in terms of traffic growth. It’s like I’m my own worst enemy!

So I’m going to try something different when I start out my day. I’m going to ask myself:

What do I need to do today to earn more income online?

And then spend a dedicated chunk of time at the start of the day doing that very thing. Everything else can be done after I get the ‘money work’ done.

We’ll see how that works :).

This month (March) ROCKED for me and I had my biggest income month yet. At the start of the month I didn’t hold much hope since last year’s numbers were down for me in March and I expected the same for 2006. Tax time, holidays over, all that jazz. But it was the total opposite–Nice Surprise!

It’s quite motivating when you see your earnings grow :).

What action are you going to do today that will increase your income?


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